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1. Sign up

Sign up by filling out the form and create an account to receive your unique referral link!

2. Refer

Start referring your friends, family, fans or whoever you like! With your referral link.

Once they sign up to be an ambassador through your link you will earn your referrals.

3. Start Earning

Earn discounts, prizes, exclusive access, possible cash rewards & partnerships. The more people you have sign up through your link the more rewards you will receive.

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Who Can Apply?

Anyone can apply to be a Boba Nutrition ambassador! How you make an impact with your referrals will determine your status and rewards

Do my rewards ever expire?

Your rewards will never expire. Your unique share link will never change (:

How it Works

Free with entry

30 referrals

60 referrals

Minimum 300 referrals

Can I Earn a reward multiple times?

You can only unlock a reward once.

Minimum 300 referrals

200 referrals

I referred enough people to receive a reward and did not get anything?

Please wait 24-48 hours to receive your reward as your referrals must be verified, any fraudulent (fake) referrals will be flagged and will not count towards your rewards referrals

You will receive your rewards via email.

Why be an Ambassador?

As an ambassador, you’ll be passionate about representing Boba Nutrition, our products, and our focus on providing a healthy alternative to bubble tea. You’ll have access to a variety of missions you can complete for gift cards, discounts, exclusive access, and cash rewards. The more you refer, the more rewards you’ll receive.

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How do I know someone has signed up through my link?

When you send someone your link, and they complete the signup form, you will receive an email that tells you who signed up under you link. You can check the total amount of people you have referred and your reward status by visiting this ambassador page.

Boba Nutrition Ambassador Program

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